Everything About Machine Learning Algorithms

Everything About Machine Learning Algorithms

Machine learning and deep learning have been universally espoused and even more extensively misunderstood.

In our previous blog, we have explained both machine learning and deep learning with elemental terms, and today in blog

we are going to discuss some of the most common machine learning algorithms, and explain how those algorithms

link to the other parts of the perplex of constructing predictive models from classical data.

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  • Primary focus on frequently applied machine learning algorithms.
  • List of Machine Learning Algorithms.
  • Understand both concept and implementation of these algorithms in R and python.



Decision Trees


From an organizational decision point of view, a decision tree is the minimal amount of yes or no queries that one has to ask to

estimate the possibility of making a correct decision most of the time. As a method, it provides you to address

the problem in a structured way to appear at a logical outcome.